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Re: New Case Filings--Change Effective Aug 1, 2012

Pursuant to Standing Order SSC-6-12, effective August 1, 2012, all civil litigants filing case initiating pleadings in unlimited civil matters, including complaints, cross-complaints, petitions and applications, shall provide one additional complete paper copy of the pleading to the filing clerk at the time of filing. The additional copy (total of an original plus 3 copies) of the pleading shall not be file marked, but rather, shall be stamped with the date of filing and marked as “Public Access Copy – Not Official Court Document.” 


The additional copy shall then be placed by the filing clerk in the Court’s Public Access Bin on the day of filing, where is shall be available for public inspection subject to the restrictions of California Rules of Court, Title 2, Division 4.  Pleadings placed in the Public Access Bin shall remain there for two weeks, after which, they shall be discarded by the filing clerk.


No person shall remove any pleading in the Public Access Bin from the court building.  Any person inspecting a pleading from the Public Access Bin may copy it inside the court building at his or her own expense.  The person shall promptly return the pleading to the Public Access Bin after inspection/copying.


The statewide fee schedule is posted on the California Courts Website at:


State Forms:

All Judicial Council forms are available on the Administrative Office of the Courts website.  In addition, you may now fill in the forms and print them from the website.

Local Forms:

Local forms are available at the Clerk's Office and on the Stanislaus County Superior Court website.  You may use the following link.

Last Updated: 12/31/2013 02:07:21 PM

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