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Juvenile Traffic

For Juvenile Traffic matters, please see the Traffic Overview page.  The Traffic Overview page contains information specifically pertaining to Juvenile Traffic matters.

A Juvenile Traffic Citation could be issued for moving violations, equipment violations (fix-it-tickets), bike or pedestrian citations and some Fish and Game Codes. Juvenile citations require a mandatory appearance, which means the juvenile must appear with a parent or legal guardian in Court on the date reflected on the lower portion of the citation. If a continuance is needed for the Court date reflected on the citation, the minor or parent must contact Traffic Court Clerk's Office in person or by phone to request a new date.  The Clerk's office will only give a one time only 30 day extension and it must be requested on or before your date scheduled to appear.  Any other extensions may only be obtained by appearing in Court. 

 Please call (209) 530-3100 choose option 1 or come to the clerk's office at 2260 Floyd Ave., Modesto, CA. 95358


Last Updated: 12/31/2013 05:18:24 PM

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