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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                           Contact: Jeanine Tucker                   May 6, 2011                                                                            (209) 236-7810

Stanislaus Superior Court

Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Judges Honor Roll

 Juvenile Court Judges Nan Cohan-Jacobs and Susan D. Siefkin entered Juvenile Hall this week to award Honor Roll certificates to 39 minors who have demonstrated excellent behavior during the month of April.  One year ago the judges inaugurated the Honor Roll program in cooperation with the Juvenile Probation Department and Stanislaus County Office of Education to provide incentives for good conduct in Juvenile Hall.  Accompanying the judges were Vicki Trask, Scott Kuykendall and Telka Walser of SCOE as well as Natascha Roof, Juvenile Hall Superintendent, and court staff.

 Children who earn at least 95% of their behavioral points every day during the month receive their certificates from the Judges and earn 3 days early release from the Hall if they have time to serve.  Superior Court judges and staff have been donating a packaged snack for each child receiving the award. Juvenile Hall staff has observed a marked reduction in disruptive incidents since the inception of the program. In some months 100% of the eligible children have made Honor Roll in some housing units.

 “Boys and girls whose poor conduct at home, in the community and at school have landed them in Juvenile Hall discover they can follow the rules and be successful. They enthusiastically greet the arrival of the judges and applaud loudly as awards are presented,” said Judge Siefkin.  “We make every effort to reward good behavior and school work because these children are ones who may never have received recognition at home, at school or in the community.  We do impose consequences for bad behavior, but we know Incentives are the most effective way to change conduct and encourage positive choices,” Judge Jacobs added.

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