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Selection/Application Process


The selection process of the Civil Grand Jury is a process directed by the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court.

Prospective Grand Jurors are:

  • Randomly recruited from the master jury pool.
  • Referred by community leaders.
  • Interested citizens that request applications.

How to apply?

1. Obtain an application:

    1. Fill out and sign application.
    2. Mail to: Civil Grand Jury Office, P.O. Box 3387, Modesto, CA 95353


                    Deliver to: Civil Grand Jury Office, 1021 I Street, 3rd Floor, Modesto

Qualifications for prospective Grand Jurors:

Per Penal Code §893, Grand Jurors must meet the following qualifications:

    • Be a United States citizen 18 years of age or older who shall have been a resident of the state and county for one year immediately before being selected.
    • Have possession of his/her natural faculties, be of ordinary intelligence, of sound judgement, and of fair character.
    • Have sufficient knowledge of the English language
    • Cannot be serving as a trial juror in any court of this state.
    • Must not have been discharged as a grand juror in any court of this state within one year.
    • Must not have been convicted of malfeasance in office or any felony or other high crime.
    • Cannot be serving as an elected public officer.

Selection Process:

    • Each qualified person who responds interested in serving on the Grand Jury will be interviewed. The court seeks to select a cross section of the community based on geographical location, skills, age, sex, and ethnic background.
    • Out of those interviewed, the Judge selects 30 names.
    • From the Final 30, the 19-member panel Civil Grand Jury and 4 alternates are randomly picked in open court.
    • Civil Grand Jurors volunteer to serve for one year (July-June) and commit a minimum of 20 hours per month.
Last Updated: 01/07/2014 02:21:07 PM

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