April 24, 2018

Civil E-Filing

Effective May 2, 2016, the Stanislaus County Superior Court Civil Division will accept documents electronically via the Court’s Electronic Filing Service Provider for general civil cases, except Unlawful Detainers. Electronic filing will not be mandatory in Stanislaus County Superior Court. Documents acceptable via E-Filing and their requirements are provided in the links below. Please refer to the E-Filing Requirements Document, Local Rules and the Court’s General Order regarding Electronic Filing Procedures.

Select the following court approved Electronic Filing Service Provider to electronically file (eFile) your documents:

Please use the following email address to submit an editable version of any electronically filed proposed order(s). **Please note, any other use of this email address will not receive a response.  If you have a question on your case, please contact the Civil Division at (209) 530-3100 or you may visit our physical location at 801 10th Street, 4th Floor, Modesto, CA 95354.**

Please download and submit, with your filing, the Court Fees Paid document when paying Jury Fees:

E-filing Requirements

Click Here to view Stanislaus County Superior Court's current E-Filing order.

Click Here to view Stanislaus County Superior Court's E-Filing Requirements document.

Last updated: April 24, 2018 12:03 PM