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Stanislaus County Superior Court
Final Reports and Responses


2011-2012 Civil Grand Jury Final Reports and Responses

The Stanislaus County Civil Grand Jury conducted investigations of the agencies listed below and released their findings, conclusions, and recommendations in a single report for each investigation.  Each individual report is labeled as Part One, Part Two, etc., as each is a single part of the FINAL REPORT.

The complete set of all the individual reports compiled in a given "Grand Jury Year" constitutes the FINAL REPORT of the Civil Grand Jury.

Agencies that are the subjects of a Civil Grand Jury report may be directed to provide a written response.  When received, Agency Responses will be available below.  If an Agency Response is too large for listing on this website, it will be available for public review at the Civil Grand Jury Office (at 1021 "I" Street, 3rd Floor).

All reports and responses are done in PDF format.

2011-2012  REPORTS:

Responsibilities of Local Governament  
   No response requested.

Continuity Commitee  
Response from Auditor-Controller 
   Special District responses:
      East Stanislaus Resource Conservation
            Attachments: 2007   2008   2009   2010   2011
      Knights Ferry Community Service District 
      Monterey Park Tract Community Service District 
      Riverdale Park Community Service District
      Westport Fire District

12-03/04C Stanislaus Community Assistance Project  
Response from City of Modesto

12-06C Stanislaus County Sheriff  
Response from County Sheriff 
See below for resonse from Board of Supervisors

12-09C Oakdale City Council Member  
   Response from City of Oakdale

12-11C Keyes Unified School District  
    Response from KUSD

12-13C Modesto City Schools District  
   Response from MCSD

12-16C City of Riverbank   
   Response from Riverbank City Council

12-17C Stanislaus Consolidated Fire District  
Response from SCFD  Board of Directors
   Response from Waterford City Council   
   Response from City of Riverbank
   See below for response from Board of Supervisors

12-26C Westside Healthcare District Board  
   Response from Board of Directors

12-29GJ Stanislaus County Audit  
   No response requested.

12-30GJ Stanislaus County Detention Facilities    
   Response from County Sheriff
   Response from Probation Department  

Response from Board of Supervisors to: 12-06C, 12-17C, 12-28GJ and 12-30GJ