January 18, 2022

Appointments Are Now Required to Attend Traffic Court

If you have received a citation to appear in Traffic Court, you will be required to schedule an appointment in order to attend an Arraignment hearing if you choose to appear in person. There are options available to allow you to handle your case without making a personal appearance.

Seating is limited in the Courtroom and lobby due to the current public health situation and social distancing requirements. We encourage you to use one of the options available to you below that does not require your appearance in Court.

It is important to take action on your case prior to your appearance date. If you do not take any action, whether by appointment, or taking one of the actions listed below, your case may go into a Failure to Appear (FTA) status. If your case goes into FTA status and you do not take further action, a $300 FTA civil assessment will be added to your bail/fines, and a DMV Hold will be placed on your driver’s license.

You have the following options to resolve your case:

  1. Pay a Fine in full
    Once the Court has received your citation from the officer, you can pay the fine online. You may also request Traffic school, as long as the violation qualifies, and you are eligible. The Traffic Court Reminder Notice is sent out on each citation. It lists your bail (fine) amount and the appearance date. You may also mail in payments or drop payments in the drop box located at the Traffic Court at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355.
  2. Reduction of Fine Without a Court Appearance – a quick, one-page form.
    You may be able to participate in a program for a significant reduction of fines without a court appearance, or to submit proof of correction, and request traffic school. There is no need to personally appear in order to take advantage of this option. To be eligible for this program, your case must be timely - not in a Failure to Appear or license hold status.
    Juveniles are eligible for this program with a Parent or Legal Guardian’s approval. The Consent form can be found on the third page of the Request for Reduction of Fine and Order packet.

    To participate:

    • Download and complete a one-page form as soon as possible prior to your hearing. 
    • Submit your form for filing to the Traffic Clerk’s office at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355, either by mail or drop box.
    • Make sure you include any documentation of Proof of Correction. Proof usually is submitted by sending a copy of the citation with the officer’s sign-off on the back, or a copy of a registration, etc. Documents must be included for the Court to reduce your violation to $25.00.
    • You will receive a filed copy in the mail with your final bail amount due and your due date for payment, or for a traffic school completion due date.
  3. Request for Order
    If your license is already on DMV hold status, and you are experiencing a financial hardship that would prevent you from paying a reduced amount, you are not eligible for the resolution program. However, you can still handle your case without making an appearance.
    You can choose to start a payment plan on the full amount due, or you can submit a Request for Order packet to the Clerk’s office for the Judicial Officer to review your request, along with supporting financial documentation to request your license to be released, for the Court to consider your ability to pay, or to request community service in-lieu of paying a fine. Financial documentation is required to be submitted with the packet. The Request for Order packet and instructions can be found on the court's forms page.
  4. Request a Trial by Written Declaration, or a Court Trial:
    If you wish to contest this citation, you have two options – one requires you to appear at a trial, the other does not require you to appear, but you must post bail and file paperwork in advance for the Court to decide your case. Here are your options:
    Trial by Written Declaration – (No Appearance is required) In this type of trial, a decision is made by the Judicial Officer after reviewing written documents filed by you and those filed by the officer. Bail is required to be posted in advance, when your paperwork is filed and your hearing is scheduled. If you win your case, the fine will be returned to you.
  • Download and complete your forms as soon as possible. 
  • Submit your completed forms for filing to the Traffic Clerk’s office at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355, either by mail or drop box.
  • Remember to send a check or money order for the full bail amount that is due.

    Court Trial - (An Appearance is Required) – Follow the instructions and download forms located on the court’s website.

  • Download and complete your forms as soon as possible.
  • Submit your completed forms for filing to the Traffic Clerk’s office at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355, either by mail or drop box.
  • You will receive notice of your court date in the mail.


Select your appointment:

If you wish to appear in Court for Arraignment, you must make an appointment, selecting from one of the three types of hearings listed below.   

Before you book your appointment, please make sure you have a case on file.  If you are unable to locate your case, call the Traffic Clerk's Office at (209) 530-3100, option 1 to speak with a clerk.  If you need time to get an attorney, you can ask the clerk for a continuance without appearing in Court, as you are eligible for a one-time 30 day continuance, as long as you are not in failure to appear hold status. 

Book your appointment:

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