January 18, 2022




News & MediaTelevision cameras, video cameras and/or camera operators, still photographers, media reporters or any combination thereof shall not block corridors, block access to any court or hearing room, block the entrance or exits to and from the courthouse, block stairwells or handicap ramps.

Any and all video, cell phone and other photography through courtroom windows or into the courtroom from the hallway is subject to the same restrictions that apply to the use of cameras in the courtroom and shall require prior approval by the judge of the affected courtroom. (See CRC 1.150)

Court security personnel shall enforce this rule by moving any offending media personnel to the lobby areas of the courthouse when such move is consistent with the intent of this rule. Should any representative of the media continue to violate this rule, Court security shall direct the offending media personnel to leave the courthouse. Nothing in this rule shall affect the authority of Law Enforcement personnel to enforce laws under their jurisdiction.

This rule does not affect CRC 1.150 as it pertains to the courtroom and the hearing judge’s ruling on media requests under CRC 1.150. Further, any order by any judge of this Court issued pursuant to a media request pursuant to CRC 1.150 may temporarily supersede this rule with regard to such order in order to further the interests of media coverage for a particular case.

CRC 1.150 – Media Coverage of Courtroom Proceedings - Sets guidelines for judges to use when deciding if they will allow people to record or broadcast any court proceeding. The media are only allowed to cover a court proceeding if the judge approves. If you want to photograph, record, or broadcast any court proceeding, you must fill out and file Judicial Council form MC500.  Requests can be faxed (209) 236-7748  or emailed to media.inquiry@stanct.org.

MC-500 - Media Request To Photograph in Courtrooms

MC-510 - Order for Media Request to Permit Media Coverage



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